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Boiler Repair Worthing

Eco Efficient Worthing is the number one service company that provides all services ranging from installations, repairs, and servicing of new and old boiler and heating systems. We are fast, reliable and trusted by our long list of customers who have sampled our services. We always operate with speed to offer customer satisfaction, and we offer a cost-effective alternative for customers with varying energy needs and budgets.

We have a network of fully fledged, gas safe certified experts who know everything to know about energy efficient boiler and heating systems. When you call us, we promise to deliver services based on high standards, reliability, solid warranties and customer support.

Boiler Servicing

At Eco Efficient Worthing, we want your new boiler and heating system to be burning on all cylinders. As such, we provide reliable servicing for the entire system. Our gas safe certified experts will offer professional advice on how to proceed with the servicing procedures. We will ensure major and minor components are checked for wear and tear, and if there are parts that need replacement, we will let you know the reason. We don’t carry out repairs or service or procedures you don’t need.

Boiler Repairs

When your energy efficient boiler stops functioning, you can call us to provide quick solutions. We don’t carry out repairs without inspecting and diagnosing the cause. Whether you have leaking pipes, damaged thermostats, leaking pressure valves or pump seals, we will discuss repair options and source original equipment manufacturer parts. We want you to enjoy value for money, and we will ensure you get high-quality parts and workmanship.

Boiler Installation

Want to save pounds on your energy bills? Ask us to spearhead your boiler installation. We provide the finest installation services in Worthing. We want you to enjoy your money's worth with your new or upgraded system. We observe the highest standards, and we comply with installation codes and regulations. Try us, and your installation process will be in good hands.

Gas and Boiler Leaks

If there are invisible gas leaks within your gas system or your boiler is quietly leaking water, the consequences can be damaging. We have 15 years of expertise dealing with leaking gas and water. We take time to troubleshoot and find out the cause of these leaks then fix them fast. Gas or carbon monoxide leaks can be fatal. Let’s avert a disaster in the making, and we will secure your family and your property. Nobody else does it better, and you can engage us to see the difference.

Central Heating Installation

Installing a new central heating system is not for amateur service companies. At Eco Efficient Worthing, we have been in the industry, and we can install modern heating systems that suit your energy needs and budget. We can deliver wet heating systems as well as renewable or green energy options upon request. We are sensitive about servicing our environment, and we install with the purpose of reducing your carbon footprint.

Central Heating Repairs

Maintaining your central heating system in good working order requires high-quality repairs. We will repair your system and help you extend its lifespan. We guarantee every part and labour too.

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