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Boiler Repair Newhaven

At Eco Efficient Newhaven, we are recognized specialists who handle boiler servicing, boiler repairs, and boiler installation services. We know how to handle your gas and boiler leaks, central heating installation and central heating repairs without delays or inconveniences. We put our customer’s needs first. If you want planned or emergency service provision, we get to you as soon as possible. We discuss boiler and heating system options in detail to get your value for money. Our competitors can't offer whawt we do, and we can tailor our installation, repairs and maintenance services to suit your needs. We employ Gas Safe certified and accredited engineers to oversee the highest service delivery standards and customer satisfaction.

Boiler Servicing

Our boiler servicing and maintenance services are top regarding quality, reliability and customer support. We will undertake full system checks to verify that there are no threats that could hamper system efficiency. You will enjoy additional efficiency if your boiler is slow and always in need of repairs. We will inform you of the appropriate service procedures, and we will keep our schedule. You don’t have to remind us – it’s our job.

Boiler Repairs

Repairing your boiler translates to better perforce and comfort. We will act fast even when you are in an emergency. Trust us to provide quality parts, and we will give your boiler a thorough check to identify the cause of major and minor faults. Our technicians can fix any boiler brand, and they provide upfront quotes and no hidden charges.

Boiler Installation

At Eco Efficient Newhaven, we are your boiler installations partner. We can install any boiler, and we comply with every rule in the book. When you call us, we procure relevant parts and make you part of the decision making process. We don’t pick any system randomly, and we make you understand why one boiler is better than another. We have a reputation for competitive pricing and fast turnaround.

Gas and Boiler Leaks

If your gas and boiler system is leaking, your premises can pose risks to your family or customers. Don’t hesitate to call us if there are a sulphur/egg-like smells emanating for the radiators. Leaking water from a boiler can damage your property if it goes ignored. If you reach out to us, we will perform necessary detection tests, and we recommend that you avoid doing it yourself. Our focus is to put an end to your gas and boiler leaks fast.

Central Heating Installation

An energy efficient central heating system can save you a good amount of pounds. However, if inexperienced installer handles the installation, it’s bound to be a waste. Call Eco Efficient Newhaven to provide quality installation, and you can start noticing a difference in your monthly bills. We are accredited by leading brands to install and monitor your system according to the warranties offered.

Central Heating Repairs   

Choose Eco Efficient Newhaven to provide friendly fast and unmatched central heating repairs any time you call. We have 15 years, and there is no heating system we are not conversant with. We provide quality parts, and we don’t push you to pay for unnecessary repairs

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